Friday, March 15, 2013

Art has saved my soul

I have always been artistic, however the intensity of wanting to create came with a huge BOOM after the birth of O.  All of a sudden, having ideas was no longer OK, I needed to make things, no matter what it was.  As O got older, this became that my better and sweeter as she has joined me in art making.

I'm no Martha Stewart.
I'm no artist with a published book.
I am a person that has an imagination.

A simple letter K, bought at Joann's.  K is for our last name
K during getting all dressed up in fabric.  I got a packet of fabric scraps at Joann's and just went with it.
My K hanging on my "gallery wall."  I call it that because I can :) I like how it turned out.
I bought this wooden plaque at Michael's.  I know I overpaid, but this girl forgets her coupons ALL the time.  I am obsessed with these plaques.  I think the shape is what speaks to me.
I've decided to go for a bit of an ombre effect.  I am not done with this.  I don't know what the finished product will look like.  I dreamed this up in my head and needed to get it out.

My soul feels better now.

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