Thursday, September 19, 2013


Possibilities: Are you addicted to them?
Come honest.

For me:

- the possibility of a new kitchen makes me want to cook
- the possibility of a successful business makes me want to quit my day job (which I am successful and great at)
- the possibility of losing weight makes me giddy with all the possible outfits I can wear (this is the girl who spent all 4 years of college COLLECTING sweatpants)
- the possibility of a clean house makes me want to invite everyone I know over and show off

I guess there is nothing wrong about these possibilities.
The reality is that a new kitchen will cost between $25,000 to $50,000.  Money I don't have, and money I am afraid at this time to get a loan on.

The reality is that a successful business will take time and dedication, and money.  I do work 40 + (and by + I mean up to 20 hours over a full-time work week) I do dedicate myself to studying and learning, however I don't give it 100% as quiet time is hard to come by, and when I do get quiet time, I am usually zoned out, or asleep due to the exhaustion from my day job.  Money - for this I am willing to take out a loan, however the hubby is not on board (yet) so I am waiting.

The reality is that losing weight is tough, and that I have a horrible sweet tooth, and my willpower SUCKS.  I am also incapable of wearing things that match, or wearing things that look good together.  I just don't have the gene, I am no Lauren Conrad, who can pull any outfit off.

The reality is that my house can be clean for a couple hours, then between myself, the hubby, and the kiddos, it goes back to disaster mode within seconds.

These are not my excuses. 
This is my current reality.

I love dreaming BIG, and I love living in my head surrounded by possibilities.
Real life awaits though.

No worries though.  I am not giving up any time soon.  I am not wallowing in my reality.  Truth is my reality is pretty darn good.  It's almost perfect, it truly is. 

I am a person who dreams, and doesn't do.  I am a person who will lift you up, tell you things that will get you going, however I cannot do the same for myself.

I am a work in progress.