Thursday, October 24, 2013

Getting slocer to new things

I feel like I'm getting a divorce from this blog.
I like my blog, but this is not where I want to be at this time.
I want pretty, I want more focused, I want more me.
I'm teaming up with a sweet lady, who will help me design a new blog.
My hope is to link everything into one: I want to become a brand.
Now, I don't know what all of that means, I just know that I have found my focus, ART, and I want to concentrate on that.  Of course I don't take myself or anything I do too seriously, so I am hoping that my light heartedness shows through it all.
I am nervous.
I feel like I am letting out a big secret.
I also need to let go of perfection, as that is just not something I'm capable off, and truly, it is not light hearted at all.
So I could go on rambling on and on, but I actually have some "homework" to do, so I am getting to it.
Stay tuned to find out when new things are happening.

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